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  • Janira Lingerie is the core range over at Janira and they have some of the best items of support lingerie and fashion lingerie we have ever seen. They do these two things in combination with one another, but it is very rare to see a designer that can do both together in equal measure.
    Janira is one of the few that seems to be able to balance one and the other perfectly. So what are some examples of their superb lingerie and how it is so amazingly well made? Let's take a look at a couple of their different collections.

What Makes Janira Shapewear So Magical?

It is a designer that can make super technical items of shapewear lingerie like their Janira Secrets range. The reason it is called Janira Secrets is thanks to the fact that they are almost invisible to the eye, they are completely flat and cannot be spotted under your clothing. This is ideal for the woman who wants something effective but not garish or ugly. There are few designers that can balace the two of these qualities well but Janira is one of them. Janira is wonderfully talented at blending fashion pieces and practical pieces in their range, and now they have shown a talent for blending practicality and style within the same practical range! This is the power of Janira and their amazing designs. They make items that are thoroughly able to do both, that is, looking good and doing their job. Style and substance. This is a rarity indeed. Their shapewear, both the Secrets range and others, are able to be worn by lingerie lovers that want a range that shapes their figure whilst being comfy and being entirely invisible under their clothes, and thanks to this talent, they will get them.

What About The Wonderful Janira Fashion Lingerie Range?

Janira doesn't stop at shapewear either. They also do feminine and fashionable lingerie. This is evident throughout hteir range and not in just one particular collection. In fact it is most of what they do. They make items of lingerie that are lacy, briefs and bras that come in so many different colours and items that are as stylish and feminine as any other designer out there. If you want a designer that you are already confident in quality wise, but also provides you with amazing fashion items too, then look no further than Janira lingerie. You will undoubtedly love their items of shapewear, and then their fashion items will blow you away all over again.