The History Of Janira

  • Janira leggings and Janira underwear is some of the best at what they do, and their experience and skill come from a wonderful history and long pedigree. So how exactly did Janira get started making their wonderful designs.

    Janira were founded in the city of Barcelona around 65 years ago. This is quite the pedigree and has given Janira a long history in which to really refine their designs. They decided upon founding their company to specialise in underwear for woman and solving any problems that women have regarding their underwear. They first decided this when they opened nearly seven decades ago and they have chosen not to design any mens underwear or anything for children or for sports purposes. They are here to solve the eternal problems of shapewear that sculpts your figure but is also comfy, and leggigns that are classics and comfy but also versatile and not just for the gym. After a few years of making shapewear solely, Janira became recognized as one of the chief designers of quality shaping lingerie worldwide. They then moved confidently into legwear, knowing that they could spread their wings without sacrificing the quality of their underwear or shapewear. So a few years after securing their position as the best shapewear manufacturer in their country and among the best in Europe, they began making other types of underwear. Soon after this, they had a huge range of items that concentrated on comfort and fit, and a sizeable fashion underwear collection too. After several decades of pure lingerie design, they are one of the best names around in Spain and Western Europe. Now, they are migrating to their third great frontier, which is legwear. Their first ranges have only come in the last few years, and have all centred around leggings, mostly fashion leggings. This is Janira's most out of the comfort zone type of item, but they are taking their expertise from lingerie and it is already going really well. This is the biggest task they have done so far, but they have an even bigger one that is coming up. Janira's history is entering a new phase, namely they are expanding more and more outside of Spain. They have had a small presence outside of their country of origin but never have been too well known. Well now Janira underwear and legwear is expanding and becoming a bigger presence elsewhere, and thanks to the internet, they are bigger than ever now.